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General Information

General Information

Barcelona Cruise Port

Barcelona Cruise Port consists of 5 terminals, which are located in 2 different areas. Terminals A, B and C are located in the Muelle Adosado, and the North and South terminals in the World Trade Center of Barcelona

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  • Adossat Quay
    Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C
    max. length vessel: Unlimited
    Depth: up to 12m
  • Terminal SUR
    max. length vessel: 253m
    Depth: up to 8m
  • Terminal NORTE
    max. length vessel: 169m
    Depth: up to 7,3m
  • Terminal EAST
    max. length vessel: 205m
    Depth: up to 8m
Maximum Ship Dimensions For Berth

Length: No Limit
Width: No Limit
Draught: Up To 8m (Barcelona Pier) Up To 12m (Adossat Pier)


Avaiable: No
Ship Tender Allowed: No
Tugs Available: Yes
Tidal Movement/Range: None

Quays / Berths

Total Number of Berths:6
Total Berthing Line Length: 1.700m
Quay Depth: Up To 8m (Barcelona) Up To 12m (Adossat Pier)

Distances Transportation

City Center: 2,5 km
Airport:12km Via High - speed
Shuttle Service: Yes

Port Security Information

CCTV Operated: 24/ 7
Approved Certificated ISPS Plan

Services Provided at Pier

Water Supply

General Information

Region: East Med
Terminal: 5
Bus Capacity: 78
Turnaround Port: Yes

Official Port Tariffs: https://www.portdebarcelona.cat


Terminal A 
With a total investments of over 15 million euros, the new Terminal A was inaugurated in April 2008. It has a total of 6.200 sqm. divided in two main sections: check-in with 44+26 counters and luggage claiming area with 4 luggage conveyors. It has been designed under the last requirements concerning security, comfort, fast processing and achitectural image and fully complying with International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS). The 2 mobile gangways specially designed for the new generation of ships and luggage conveyors, ensure passengers not to be mixed with trucks, forklifts and handling staff. 

Terminal B 
Terminal B is inaugurated in April 2005 with a total investment of over 10 million euros, was designed to operate home port calls of mega cruise ships up to 150.000 ton and 4.500 passengers. Terminal B has a total of 6.500 sqm. divided in two main areas: check-in area with 46+26 ounters and luggage claiming area with 4 luggage conveyors. It offers the last requirements concerning security, omfort, fast processing and architectural image, and it is equipped with 2 mobile gangways to avoid passengers crossing pier traffic. 

Terminal C 
Since 2010 the Terminal C has been improved with a new additional passenger embarkation system, comprising 2 mobile gangways, fix concourse and vertical communications building (escalators, lift and stairs). In 2015, a new concourse was erected connecting terminal C and B enabling to operate the Allure of The Seas during the entire season. A new gangway was also installed in order to be compatible with the new generation of ships.

Terminal World Trade Center (North & South) 
The state-of-art World Trade Center is located at the Barcelona Wharf, with two international cruise terminals and a total of 720 meters of berthing line. The North Terminal is prepared to give service to medium-size vessels and South Terminal can receive two ships, the biggest one up to 255 meters long. Both terminals are located at walking distance to city center.


To the Airport

  • by Car/Taxi: 20 min.
  • by Public Transport (metro/autobús): 1h.

To the City center

  • by walking: 30 min.
  • by Public Transport (metro/autobús): 20 min.
  • by Taxi: 15 min.

To Montserrat

  • by Car/Taxi: 1h.
  • by Public Transport (metro/tren/autobús): 2h. 

* Estimated Time.

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